The newsgroup soc.culture.welsh will be established for discussion of all matters relating to the land of Wales, its people, language and culture, and their histories. Discussion of Welsh communities abroad (regardless of the language they may use) and their experiences is also invited, and, in the absence of alternative forums, discussion related to other Brythonic cultures (e.g. Breton and Cornish) may be conducted here.

Contributions in either English or Welsh will be equally welcome. Breton or Cornish may also be employed where appropriate.

It is anticipated that a degree of cross-posting with soc.culture.celtic, soc.culture.british,,, and other groups is likely to occur. Contributors should ensure that cross-posted material is genuinely relevant to all groups, and be prepared to edit Newsgroups: and Followup-To: fields appropriately.

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soc.culture.welsh     The people, language and history of Wales.

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