Accents in this document are represented by a / or \ after the vowel in question e.g. e/ represents e-fada (=e acute)


  1. The Celts and Celtic language questions
    1. The Celts
    2. The Celtic languages
    3. What is GAELIC-L, WELSH-L, CELTIC-L, IRTRAD-L and how do I subscribe?
    4. Where can I get Celtic Music?
    5. How do I identify which Celtic language this is?
    6. Books for Celtic names for children
    7. Multilingual publications
    8. General on-line language resources
    9. Pan Celtic information
  2. Alba - Scotland
    1. Scotland's name
    2. Celtic background
    3. Where can I get Gaelic books?
    4. How can I learn Gaelic?
    5. Where can I get Gaelic music and words to Gaelic tunes, info on Gaelic
    6. Are there any files I can access for more information on Gaelic?
    7. Scottish music radio programmes
    8. How can I get Gaelic TV/radio programmes
    9. Info on Robert Burns
    10. Info on cooking and haggis
    11. Where can I get haggis ?
    12. What is the Scots language. Who do I contact for more info?
    13. What Scottish Record labels are there
    14. How do I find out about Folk events in Scotland which might be on?
    15. When are the major Scottish folk festivals
    16. Where's a good place to buy folk records?
    17. How do I trace my Scottish ancestry ?
    18. Any Scottish songs on-line?
    19. What's the number of the Scottish Tourist Board ?
    20. Politics: Scotland and the UK/devolution/independence
    21. When are Burns night and St Andrews Day.
    22. How do I find out about Highland Games or Mods in my area. What is a Mod?
    23. Information on Runrig
    24. Information on Capercaillie
    25. Scottish Cultural classes (music, singing, language, history etc)
    26. Gaelic wedding blessing
    27. Dalriada Celtic society BBS
    28. The Gaelic for "Frequently Asked Questions"
    29. Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    30. Living Tradition.
    31. Seeing Underground Edinburgh
    32. Primary Literary figures
    33. Scottish Guide books.
    34. Primary folk music pubs
    35. What is a Ceilidh
    36. Best Scottish pubs
    37. Scottish Kings
    38. Attitudes towards Gaelic TV in Scotland
    39. What does Craig's signature mean?
    40. Where can I buy a kilt/Highland accessories
    41. Scottish song books
    42. Books for learning the fiddle
    43. Whisky (whiskey)
    44. The Scottish Youth Hostels Association
    45. The Ramblers Association
    46. Books for hillwalkers
    47. What is a Munro/Corbett?
    48. Legal questions
    49. Gaelic festivals
    50. Gaelic playgroups
    51. Scotch
    52. Plaid
  3. Alba Nuadh - Nova Scotia
    1. Highly recommended newspaper
    2. Some info on Cape Breton Step Dancing
    3. Cape Breton Songs
    4. Cape Bretoner newspaper
    5. History
  4. Breizh - Brittany
  5. Cymru - Wales
  6. Eire - Ireland
    1. General Information
      • Info from the CIA yearbook - Republic of Ireland ONLY
      • What to call the Republic and the North (Ulster != NI)
    2. Music & Art
      • etc.
      • Translation of Clannad/Enya/etc. lyrics
      • List of sessions
    3. Tourism
      • Contact numbers
      • Places to visit in Ireland
      • Festivals
    4. Gaeilge na hE/ireann (Irish Gaelic) Language
      • Common greetings/sayings in Irish Gaelic
      • Irish Gaelic courses in Ireland and elsewhere
      • Availability of Irish Gaelic books, videos and music
    5. Politics
      • Political parties in Northen Ireland.
      • Contraception, Divorce, Abortion and Homosexuality in the Republic.
    6. Sport
      • LOI soccer mailing list
      • GAA & Hurling
    7. History
      • Why is Ireland divided?
      • Chronological list of dates of Irish History
    8. Books & Papers
      • Subscriptions to newspapers
      • List of books
    9. Internet information services
      • ftp sites for the peace declaration, constitution, opshal findings, RTE news etc
    10. Cuisine
    11. Miscellaneous
      • Getting jobs in Ireland
      • Applying for Irish citizenship
      • What is the Claddagh ring?
      • Irish National Anthem
  7. Kernow - Cornwall
  8. Mannin - Isle of Man
  9. Celtic events & societies in major cities around the world

Because few people have MIME mailers at the moment, we have to represent the accented vowels in Gaelic by writing a / or \ after the vowel in question to indicate an acute or grave accent. There is a GAELIC-M list though for those with MIME capability, and this is mirrored to GAELIC-L.

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